More things that feel like home

  1. Running into students from my English class on the streets of Farol
  2. Finally mastering driving through Audian’s confusing one-way roads
  3. The call to prayer at the mosque as we exercise at the school on Monday evenings
  4. Letefoho baristas recommending me at-home coffee based on what I order in the shop
  5. Dili’s crocodile skyline
  6. The till waiter at Lili’s warung knowing my iced tea, no sugar drink order by heart
  7. Tetun teacher Alex and I following up on last week’s stories in this week’s class
  8. The pulsar guy near work pulling out Timor Telecom strips as I approach
  9. Finding out a favourite barista is a friend’s brother, then immediately seeing him in another cafe
  10. Finding a new favourite order at an old place

Read my first list here.

One response to “More things that feel like home”

  1. […] lovely little weekend away and a reminder, as always, of how nice it feels to come home.  See you soon, […]


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