February, an update

My January update is here, if you missed it. 

A big month! The tailend of the wet season and my first full month of freelancing. I’ve felt scatty and zipping with live electricity; the feeling before the clouds crack open and the late-afternoon rains come.

In February, I consolidated. 

To-do lists. Budget spreadsheets. Goal trackers. Expectations set and decisions made. New intentions. A list of favourite Dili places determined and published.

In February, I examined myself.

Peeling back layers of stories I tell myself to uncover the truth beneath. Some blog posts I’m proud of: I forgot that it would be fun. Diet tips from the tropics. Being anxious on Instagram. I’m still dancing around the edges of telling these stories true but I’m leaning in to the process of doing it.


In February, I grew out my armpit hair!

I participated in Get Hairy February for the sole reason that I didn’t think I could do it: I thought I’d be too embarrassed and ashamed to grow my armpit hair out long, and I didn’t want an idea like that to have so much power over me.

Four weeks on, I’ve got some feathery pits and no intention of shaving anytime soon: this month has really made me see my body in a different light, and I’m now seeing the hair as not just something normal, but as actually something quite beautiful.

In February, I weekended.

A roadmap weekend I’ll now use as a guide for visiting friends. A solo mid-week beach date. Sunday evening yoga and masala with mates, and a morning dosa with my doben. Leaning in to having time off and giving myself permission to slob.

In February, I worked.

I pitched freelance articles, I edited English reports, I went on field trips to Railaco and Gleno to meet and interview some incredible, interesting people. I tapped away at my laptop in cafes and offices and at the desk in my house Maddie pushed up against the window for me. I told everyone I could think of that I’m looking for work (reader, I  am looking for work).


In February, I made dumplings. 

And kept alive a tradition that each week makes me exhausted, happy and full.

Just like


3 responses to “February, an update”

  1. this style of writing is very engaging, nice to keep up with you. all the best hun 🙂


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