May goals

I mentioned the other day that I’ve been feeling tired, stressed and wrung-out lately. A big couple of months have seen me move house, change jobs, travel in and out of Dili multiple times, and generally fail to take proper care of myself.

So, I’m refocusing and prioritising routine. I have no work trips planned for May, which is a big deal for me — I think it’s been six-plus months since I had more than two weeks straight in Dili, and I’m so looking forward to a slow, steady, re-calibrated May.

If it’s not incongruous to plan my down-time, here are some things I’d specifically like to focus on this month.

Admin goals

  1. Sort out ING bank card
  2. Organise Australian SIM
  3. Book Bali flights
  4. List car for sale

Health goals

  1. Revive sourdough starter
  2. Weekly yoga
  3. Start going to circuit
  4. Revive Monday cooking

Work goals

  1. Send five pitches
  2. Take profile-writing course
  3. Organise for Laura to teach me manual camera settings
  4. Earlier starts

Creative goals

  1. Make a zine
  2. Read five books
  3. Ask for resin supplies
  4. One more guitar chord

Writing goals

  1. Blog three times weekly
  2. Revive journal
  3. Short story entry
  4. Update portfolio

Environment goals

  1. Host swap meet
  2. Spend big money on good clothes
  3. Plant basil
  4. No plastic bags

Many things! Said out loud to set an intention and because I’m not currently doing any of these things, except the reading and pitching: so even if I fail I’ve succeeded.


2 responses to “May goals”

  1. […] I’m in two minds as I start this post. According the the hand-written, makeshift blog post calendar I made for last month and hung on the bedroom wall, this is supposed to be a post recapping my progress against the goals I set for the month of May. […]


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