19 things for 2019

Several years in a row, my friend Fiona has set a numbered list of goals or intentions for the new year, linking the number of goals with the year. Nineteen things for 2019, this year. After our coffee-shop reflection the other day, I finished a list of my own.

This blog doesn’t quite feel the right place to share this — I apologise if you’ve found this post in a hunt for information about Timor-Leste visas or vaccinations or driving on which side of the road — but as I learned this year with my reading goals, public posting keeps me accountable to what I want to do, and I like the cryptic hint of this brief list: I know exactly what each of these goals represents and the bigger part of my life it’s aligned to, but here on this blog it’s a patchwork; sunlight public threads of a private life.

These are not quite resolutions; more nodes, for focus. Here are my 19 things for 2019.


19 things for 2019

  1. Don’t try to save money
  2. Invest time and money in my writing work
  3. Take a pottery course
  4. Perfect an omelette
  5. Wear more red, orange and gold
  6. Make a zine for myself
  7. Become a Patreon
  8. Cook with fennel seeds, curry leaves, turmeric, mustard seeds
  9. Practise photography
  10. Try veganism
  11. Ask kind and thoughtful questions
  12. Finish the community development course
  13. Add image descriptions to my photos
  14. Apply for university
  15. Say hard nos and only cheap yeses
  16. Regular journalling
  17. Bread and beautiful music
  18. Sunscreen and floss
  19. Practise peace with the fact that we don’t know what comes next

3 responses to “19 things for 2019”

  1. Jill and John Raynor Avatar
    Jill and John Raynor

    Thank your explaining to your dim mother what zine and Patreon mean! Wonderful focus plans xx


  2. […] 19 things for 2019. A Dili packing list. How to find work in Timor-Leste. My last trip back here. Secondhand shopping in Dili. My new favourite places. Timor-Leste’s first female pilot. The forgotten Chinese-Timorese. Bad news for the budget. […]


  3. […] I’m saying hard nos—choosing not to apply for jobs that I feel obligated to sign up for—and easy yeses; inviting new Instagram friends for coffee and dropping out a work day for a 11am beach walk or a bagel and a chat with an old mate. It’s easy and sunny and slow and fun and gentle calm. I’m borrowing library books, making vegan cheese, volunteering a couple of days a week at a centre for storytelling, drinking white wine on Friday afternoons with old clever friends, buying beeswax on Gumtree to make my own food wraps, using em dashes without spaces and visiting the op shop and teasing my sister and keeping track of my steps and eating hummus and only just realising today that Satchmo has coffee loyalty cards. […]


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