an expat bingo

How many weeks in Dili does it take you to make bingo?

learnt the landmark near your houseaccidentally blown through all your pulsar, phone credit, in a single dayselected your favourite Dili supermarketmet a malae at an event, then seen them the next day at a warung
had kids on the street call you ‘mister’ (regardless of your gender)learnt why you must always say ‘rai manas’ not ‘hau mana’ on a hot dayincorrectly used ‘maun’ to refer to a woman or ‘mana’ to a manunsuccessfully bartered at the secondhand clothing markets
unwrapped and charged your brand-new Kindle (further use optional)decided to learn how to scuba dive, free dive, hike, or mountain bikehad one mosquito bite and instantly feared dengue fevergotten caught in your first thunderstorm trying to leave work
ridiculed someone selling overpriced used items on Dili Expatslisted your own items on Dili Expats for a slightly inflated pricesuccessfully changed your gallon spilling just a small flood of watermispronounced ‘Atauro’ in at least two different ways

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