top 10 Dili drinks

A declarative and unilateral list of ten great drinks in Dili.

  1. A fridge-cold coconut drunk at Beachside Cafe after a sweaty Saturday-morning circle of the Horta Loop hike.
  2. A pour-over coffee on the couch, under the fan, at Cafe Atsabe.
  3. A draught Bintang ordered at lunchtime at Castaway, drunk facing the sea, with the ocean breeze in your hair.
  4. Precisely one elegant passionfruit caipirinha and its accompanying olives and peanuts ordered at sunset, beachside, at Nha Casa.
  5. Ice-cold, from-frozen coconut water poured into a plastic cup to pop in your camping chair after your first dive at Dili Rock with Dreamers.
  6. A 6pm Aperol spritz at Pateo, just after a rainstorm and a horrible day at work.
  7. A tamarind iced tea at Fatima’s Cafe, drunk upstairs facing the ocean.
  8. The $1.50 post-lunch espresso that gets you through the rest of the work day.
  9. The mystery $8 Portuguese red wine you’ve wrested open with a corkscrew at a friend’s dinner and said “oh that’s not too bad” about after your first sip.
  10. The can of soda water you forgot you had in the fridge.

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